Volunteer Information

Since our school is a non-profit corporation and registered charity, we count on the volunteer support we receive from our parent, student, faculty and community members to ensure that we can keep our programming fees as low as possible.

Volunteer Commitment Fee Policy

Families are asked to submit one cheque for $100, dated for June 1st, 2018. This fee will be returned to families who contribute a minimum of 6 hours of volunteer time to various positions within the school throughout the year. A volunteer hours log is available for printing where volunteers can keep a record of their hours. The log must be submitted by the family, prior to the deposit date for the fee to be returned. This log helps us track our volunteer achievements and also provides information regarding the areas of our programming in which volunteers are most needed.
The commitment fee is also an important part of our volunteer policy as it gives families who are unable to volunteer an alternative means to support our school programming.

Click Here to sign-up for any Volunteer Opportunities. Please contact us with your questions or feedback at anytime, by emailing the Volunteer Coordinator at volunteer@suzukimusic.ca.

Congratulations to our Volunteers of the Year 2016-2017

McKerral Award for outstanding community volunteer: Alycia Niles

  • Alycia joined our Board of Directors back in October 2012, and has been our Board President for the past 3 years.  Alycia has dedicated countless hours to our school and is a personable and level headed leader of the ship. She has attended countless meetings and school events and has even taken up the ukulele, attending our Adult Ukulele Class.  We thank her for all her hard work in developing and streamlining processes to make our school function more smoothly.  Congratulations and thank you for your sense of volunteerism!

Aubrey Award for outstanding parent volunteer: Laura Lee Balkwill and Kevin Cooke

  • These two parents are so giving of their time. Laura Lee has spent countless hours creating beautiful posters for our Faculty Benefit and Viva Suzuki Concerts and creating the Viva Suzuki Program.  Kevin is always willing to jump in and pinch hit for an empty volunteering spot on a group class Saturday and volunteers as Stage Hand at multiple concerts a year.  He is often seen stopping in at the volunteer corner of the Front Desk to check in and say “How can I help?” “What do you need to me to sign up for?”  Thank you Laura Lee and Kevin for your loyalty and dedication to our music school!