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Dr. Shinichi Suzuki

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Originally founded by Dr. Shinichi Suzuki in Japan in the 1940s, the Suzuki approach has spread worldwide and is recognized as a major force in music education today. The approach focuses on developing the whole child through music. The aim is to nurture creativity, sensitivity and self-esteem and to help children “become better human beings and create a better world.” Dr. Suzuki has said “The potential of every child is unlimited” and “any child who is properly trained can develop musical ability just as all children develop the ability to speak their mother tongue.”

The environment for this development is a synergistic triangle of parent – child – teacher, which nurtures musical growth through a process of loving – listening – leading – learning. Each participant in the triangle has a unique role and responsibility to ensure overall success. The purpose of Suzuki training is to help every child to experience the joy that comes through making music. Through the Suzuki growing process, children thrive in a total environment of support. They develop confidence and self-esteem, a determination to try difficult things, and self-discipline and concentration, as well as a lasting enjoyment of music and the sensitivity and skill for making music. Dr. Suzuki’s main goals are “for the child to build a noble soul, to develop an appreciation of beauty, to give a sense of purpose to life, to learn the discipline of acquiring a skill and to become a fine human being.”